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A Celebration of Motorsports History


                                  Welcome to my website,

   If you share my passion for the history of Motorsport, I am
  confident you will enjoy your visit.

   I have been an auto racing enthusiast since the early sixties,
  when the sport had more of an amatuer flavor - before racing
  cars became rolling billboards, when Italian cars were painted
  red, German silver and French cars blue.

   Growing up in Southern California during the '50s and '60s, I was
  about as plugged into the racing scene as a kid could be.

   SoCal was a hotbed of racing, hot-rodding and car customizing.
  It seemed as though there was a racetrack or a racecar fabrication
  shop in nearly every community.

   My enthusiasm kicked into overdrive around 1980, when cable television
  started broadcasting auto racing on a regular basis.

   I have been collecting motorsports memorabilia, books and scale models
  for more than thirty years. 
   My collecting, naturally, has focused on
  Southern California racing venues such as The Long Beach Grand Prix,
  the Ontario Motor Speedway and the greatest of them all, 
  Riverside International Raceway.

   My interests also include The Indianapolis 500, The Monaco Grand Prix, 
  The 24 hours of Le Mans, Grand Prix racing in the Thirties and
  American board track and road racing before the first World War. 

   This is purely a tribute website, dedicated to the awareness
  and appreciation of the sport.

   Not all of the photos herein were taken by myself. If you find an image
  of which you hold the copyright, let me know - I will credit you or remove it.
   I have no advertising, nothing to sell and do not benefit
  financially by maintaining this site.

   Please feel free to sign my guestbook and leave a comment, question
  or correction.
   Thanks and good luck!
      Robert Judy  
       Redlands, California



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