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A Celebration of Motorsports History

  My Favorite Images 



        This is my all time favorite photo of Mario Andretti.

                   The year is 1969. The place, Monza, Italy.
              The car is the Ferrari 312P Spyder

                      At least for this moment in time he has 
           displaced McQueen as the 'King of Cool'.

Inside of a month he would be drinking the milk
         and Receiving a kiss from Andy Granatelli in
           Victory Lane at the Indianapolis 500.


       Gilles Villeneuve during practice for the
      1982 Grand Prix of Brazil at Rio de Janeiro

        The ground effects on Ferrari 126 C2 were so great
          that the car was often run without front wings.


       Nigel Manssel, crossing the bridge,
   leads in the rain at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix.

     Mario Andretti grabbed pole at the 1982 Italian
     Grand Prix and finished third in his Ferrari 126 C2.


        Mario's last shot at the 24 Heures du Mans.
           Diving with Bob Wolleck, they came
             second in the Courage-Porsche.


   The stillborn Porsche Indycar at Ontario Motor Speedway.
      Danny Ongias was to be the designated
                 driver in 1980, but to no avail.











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