bobbyfabi motorsports

A Celebration of Motorsports History

Riverside International Raceway




                    Welcome to Edgemont, California!


       Phil Hill winning the '59 Times Grand Prix



     John Surtees drives his F1 Lotus up University Avenue
   heading towards the raceway for the 1960 U.S. Grand Prix


As does Maurice Trintignant here, on Highway 60 in a Cooper-Maserati

The Goodyear Tower
             Riverside Raceway's most famous landmark



        Dave MacDonald-in the process of winning the '63 Times
         Grand Prix- approching Turn 7, looking for the apex.


     The Shelby American gang - Gurney for President campaign 1964 


        Mario Andretti, Alfa Romeo and Phil Hill 1981



  Poster promoting the first Legends of Riverside event at
Riverside International Automotive Museum, March 2009 

   Below are some photos from that first grand event



 Four of Riverside's Legends
    L-R; Ralph Ormsby, George Keck, Pete Lovely and Tom Meehan












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